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My Journey

Over the last 25 years, I have learned how to rethink life several times over and have developed a passion to help others do the same. I have worked in three completely different business sectors, had on-and-off periods of self-employment, an extended period of debilitating illness and multiple trips around the world in pursuit of learning.

I have been immersed in learning and development since 1998, initially creating and facilitating workshops on NLP, motivation, values, emotional intelligence and stress management. 

From 2004, as an employee with Insights Learning & Development, I designed and delivered programmes across the range of Insights’ portfolio. I ran workshops in many countries, supporting Insights’ global network and was responsible for designing and delivering ongoing professional development for a community of over 2,000 accredited practitioners.


Since 2006, I have been exploring how to integrate fundamental spiritual principles into my work as I believe that ALL aspects of ourselves - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual - are integral parts of our innate humanity and need to be considered in the process of making sustainable change. 



Trainer and Master Practitioner of NLP

Master Practitioner of Time-line Therapy & Hypnosis

SQ21 Coach

Accredited in Insights DiscoveryDeeper Discovery, Team Effectiveness and Tranformational Leadership

Gamma Mindset practitioner

Learning & Performance Institute Trainer and Assessor

Off The Rails

‘Off the Rails’ is about my personal journey of transformation. It describes my experience of debilitating illness, the emotional impact, the inner searching and the learning that was necessary to overcome it. Some of the writing was done in moments of despair, of hope and of change; other pieces were written many years later, with the benefit of hindsight and deeper wisdom. The book contains insightful 'little bits of learning' and is a useful aid to anyone undergoing their own struggles.

NB - The book is authored under my previous name. (£8.00 + free P&P)


Reviews of Off The Rails


I read the book yesterday and could not put it down. I am sure that it will be an inspiration to, and give hope to, anyone that has been, or is in, a similar situation. I know that it moved me in a most unexpected way in that I felt an unexpected joy that I can't really explain.  - J.B.


This is an incredibly brave and honest 'wee book'!  - J.S.


I loved it. I think whilst it didn’t provide answers (and why should it), it did provide me with comfort. Not because I thanked my lucky stars I’ve never suffered from M.E. but because it took me on a journey of realisation that suffering is normal and useful. I thought the book was sad, honest, at times laugh out loud, and heart-warming with a hopeful twist. I particularly liked your message at the end to pass the parcel. Thank you for sharing your parcel with me.  - K.D.

EMAIL: liz_rethinking@outlook.com

PHONE: 07596 090745

LOCATION: Newburgh, Fife, Scotland

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