Rethinking You


Do you want to change something but don’t know how?

Are you running on empty and want to unlock a new source of energy? 

"The hardest part of the journey could very well be saying ‘I am ready’ but once you are, the rest will flow”   


Derek O’Neill from ‘Excellence’

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One-on-one coaching sessions can be carried out face to face or via conference call, and last around 75 minutes. There is no prescribed number of sessions but a minimum of three is recommended to give sufficient time to make noticeable progress.

You may find it beneficial to combine the face-to-face sessions with some of the online modules or with reading The Change Equation book.

Your sessions may involve a range of therapeutic tools (see Personal Change Tools below); we will decide in consultation which approach is most appropriate.

Personal Change Tools



SQ stands for Spiritual Quotient or Spiritual Intelligence. The word ‘spiritual’ has multiple meanings and is often confused with religion, but the two are not the same. One definition of spirituality by Cindy Wigglesworth, author of ‘SQ21’, is:

“The innate human need to connect with something larger than ourselves.”

Connecting with ‘something larger’ means having a view of life that sees beyond individualism to an inter-connected world, united by the same principles. Living your life from this perspective leads you to make wiser decisions and take more compassionate actions that are in the best interest of the bigger system. Developing your spiritual intelligence can be instrumental in the context of making change as you seek to find meaning and purpose.

In addition to helping you find deeper meaning and purpose, developing SQ can help you tap into an unlimited source of energy, which can make everything flow more easily and effortlessly.

You have the option to receive an SQ21 report as part of your personal change journey. Working with the information in your report can help you to identify your strengths and development areas, and gain a deeper understanding about how to develop in 21 distinct skills. 


NLP & Timeline Therapy

The core aim of NLP is to raise awareness of your thoughts, feelings and behaviours to gain a deeper understanding of how you are creating the results you see in your life – the good, the bad and the ugly. Through the application of NLP, you will uncover unconscious patterns of thinking and behaviour, identify what’s working, and where you want to create conscious change.

Timeline Therapy works brilliantly alongside NLP - this process quickly guides you back to the root of an unresolved emotional issue and helps you learn, let go and move on. Together these techniques offer a powerful approach for growth and change. They help to address a range of personal issues including anxiety, phobias, trauma, relationship problems, inner conflict and self-confidence.

Gamma Mindset

The Gamma Mindset is the fastest and most effective belief change technique I've come across. Created by performance psychologist Chris Walton, the Gamma Mindset is a scientific breakthrough in personal change. Using this method you will learn how to create 'The Gamma State', which is the most receptive brain state to change subconscious limiting beliefs and negative emotions. Doing this will help you to break through any blocks and support you in moving forward with confidence. 

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I’d highly recommend Liz’s NLP programmes – they are a golden opportunity for growth and self-empowerment! I will definitely attend again!


Marcela Jacova Giavris

[Creacon Lodge Wellness Centre]

Client Feedback

I benefited from Liz's help recently when, as I was in training for my second marathon, I became stuck in negative thinking patterns and a lack of self-belief. I was struggling with the long training runs, and felt I might need to give up on my goal. I reached out to Liz for some coaching. She gave me some amazing tips to practice both before and during my training runs, which I was able to apply straight away, and which I carried into the event itself. I can honestly say she helped me change what was going on in my head so that I could have a brilliantly-aligned mental, emotional and physical experience.  In the end, I beat my marathon time by eight minutes, but most importantly, I smiled all the way around, and I count this marathon experience as one of the most euphoric of my life. It's amazing what some focused time with a brilliant coach can do!


Lynne-Marie Howden

Marketing and Product Director, Insights Learning & Development


Liz Oliver's change programme helped me to take a holistic look at the change I wanted to make and move through it in a way that felt really true to me. Liz really helped me to ground into my own truth and let go of the thoughts, beliefs, values that aren’t mine but which have been implanted from my family, society, etc. Working through the programme allowed me the opportunity to explore all the different levels of obstacles and blocks that could have held me back or hindered progress towards making the changes that I knew in my heart I wanted to make. It helped me understand myself better on such a deep level - to connect with and enliven my spirit!


Liz is an incredible listener and the questions she asks are insightful, encouraging and challenging all in equal measure. She always manages to get right to the root of the issue. All of the conversations throughout the programme really helped me make a shift from fear to action. Working with different types of practices, it was an interesting, fun and unique journey through self-discovery and spiritual awakening. This programme enabled me to start taking steps towards making my life purpose, my dharma, a reality. It is an amazing and truly transformative offering. Very powerful! Thank you!

Katie Boyle, Yoga Teacher (Merchant City Yoga & Our World Yoga)

Working with Liz will expand your sense of who you are and what is possible.  She has helped me consider new ways of perceiving myself and my world so I can take productive action as a leader.  Her attention to mind, body and spirit is a critical differentiator.


Diana Gore

Lead Consultant

Shift Learning & Development

Liz brings a sense of calm, clarity and reality to her work and those she works with.  Her wisdom, coupled with her desire to improve the world and those within it, ensures that those who benefit from time spent with Liz are further forward as a result.


Mike Jones

Momentum (People Development) Ltd.