Rethinking Business

The starting point 


In my view there are 3 essential criteria and 3 simple questions that are necessary to get you started on any programme of change.


The criteria:

1) An open mind

2) An open heart

3) A desire for change that is greater than your desire for comfort 


The questions:

1) What do you want to do / to be / to have?

2) What is preventing you from doing / being / having that already?

3) Are you ready, willing and able to make the changes needed?


The purpose of Rethinking is to help you find these answers, and a way to make them a reality.


It's all about you

In business, it's tempting to look 'out there' for a solution - in a system, a new process or policy, a CEO, a new team member etc. My assumption is that the real work happens within yourself and that any solution must include time for personal reflection and/or one-on-one work. When you've done the inner work, the problem solving, decision-making and action planning will flow more effortlessly.

"Liz is an excellent facilitator who asks incisive and though-provoking questions and complements this with a great ability to read between the lines. She lets a group work freely within the frameworks they construct and is not afraid to challenge norms and assumptions to achieve the group’s goals.”


Ian Wigston

[Bright Field Consulting]

"Liz’s gentle clarity and amazing facilitation skills made every training, group process and coaching I have witnessed or experienced myself astonishingly insightful and effective. I believe that Liz’s secret to success is not only her vast experience and competence, but her ability to focus fully on the emerging solution and trust in the potential of the people she is working with."

Manuela Gruetter

[Senior L&D Consultant, Insights Switzerland]

Apr16: Facilitated workshop at

Creacon Lodge Wellness Centre


Facilitation literally means ‘making things easier’. The principle aims are to support a team to work more easily and effectively together, and to let go of anything that is obstructing their collective brilliance. This process requires an environment of trust and safety, where issues can be expressed openly. Within this atmosphere, it is possible to assist the team in reaching resolution of core issues and identifying a way forward with the wholehearted support of the every team member.

The number and nature of interventions will depend on how long it takes for the aims of the team to be met. The process can include ongoing support ‘from the side-lines’, as the team continue to apply their learning in the working environment.

Article for download:
Spirituality in the Boardroom

This article appeared in the January 2017 issue of Coaching Today, which is published by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy

Tapping into your Highest Intelligence


Making change is rarely straightforward in business, so it's common sense to utilise the best resources you have, to offer the best chance of success. 

The work of Carl Jung, Abraham Maslow and Clare Graves, amongst others, point towards the existence of an aspect of intelligence that you begin to tap into as you progress further along the path of self-discovery. Building on the knowledge they have uncovered, it is now possible to begin exploring and developing this ‘higher intelligence’ and learn how to integrate it into daily life. 

This intelligence has been referred to as ‘SQ’ or Spiritual Quotient, as featured in Stephen Covey’s ‘The 8th Habit’ and ‘SQ – The Ultimate Intelligence” by Dana Zohar & Ian Marshall. It is this intelligence that helps you to expand beyond many of your current limitations, develop a greater sense of meaning and purpose, and realise a more powerful connection with the world around you.   Developing SQ can help you tap into an unlimited source of energy, which can make everything flow more easily and effortlessly. As you become more adept with SQ, it is important to integrate it with your other innate intelligences (PQ, IQ and EQ) and find a way to achieve real balance and harmony.

The Change Equation programme, which is applicable for personal and business use, actively encourages you to tap into all four intelligences, enabling you to find insight, wisdom and compassion during periods of transition.

Insights Discovery

In exploring your unique ‘you-ness’, Insights Discovery is a fantastic tool that can give you an insight into your personal strengths and weaknesses.

Built on the work of Dr Carl Jung, the Insights Discovery personal profile provides a wealth of practical information, created just for you, that can be used to improve self-awareness, improve communication and enhance relationships.

Jung’s hypothesis on personal development was that each of us is on a journey towards individuation in our lives. This means that over time, as we accept, understand and express our many facets, we gradually reveal the fullness of who we are. 

The Insights Discovery portfolio is extensive and can be used for personal, team and organisational development. 

Deeper Discovery

Deeper Discovery offers a profound next step and can help you to explore even more aspects of yourself. The Deeper Discovery profile illustrates how your unique set of psychological preferences work together as you express your thoughts, attitudes and behaviours.


The ultimate aim in working with Deeper Discovery is to help you consider your ‘legacy’ i.e. what you leave behind when you move on. This does not necessarily refer to the ultimate moving on of death, but to what happens when you leave a job, a team, a place, or even a conversation. Reflecting on your legacy gives you the opportunity to consider how well your current behaviours are leading in the right direction.

“I have been impressed and personally impacted by Liz’s innovative thinking on how Jung’s theories correlate with Mindfulness. She helped me gain a deeper understanding of how the practice of Mindfulness significantly aids our psychological and spiritual development. It was a joy to collaborate with her in designing and delivering webinars on this topic.” 


Paul Wielgus

[Dragonfly coaching]


“What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others.”