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Corporate Wellness Workshops

IA series of wellness workshops has been co-created with an emerging company and these are now available for pilot. Each one is designed to empower individuals and teams to enhance their well-being and effectiveness in the workplace.

Using an effective combination of guided meditations, self-exploratory exercises and proven mindfulness techniques, participants will learn to identify and overcome the challenges that prevent them from achieving success. 

Each session explores how to overcome challenges with greater ease, and inspires confidence and motivation, so employees are empowered with the right tools to achieve their personal and professional goals. 

For more information, contact me with your questions or requirements

Core Topics


Identify your typical triggers and behaviours under stress, and explore how to relieve anxiety in high stress situations. 


Explore your barriers to success, change any negative thinking patterns and reclaim your confidence. 


Learn how to adopt a mindful approach to everyday situations, which will help you relax, focus and achieve your highest potential. 


Discover the power of a positive attitude of appreciation. Learn the value of seeing the good in every situation and developing a culture of kindness in the workplace.  

Mum's List Legacy Programme
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The Mum’s List Legacy was inspired by Kate Greene whose life was central to the book and film, “Mum’s List”. Having been diagnosed with cancer, Kate created a list to ensure her memory and her love of adventure lived on in her children.


A Mum’s List Legacy workshop is a journey of self-exploration, personal discovery and deep healing. Using guided meditations and proven, powerful techniques, you will discover more about who you are, what drives you, what blocks you and what you can do to live a healthier, happier and more fulfilling life. You will have the opportunity to explore ways to transform any areas of your life that are limiting you, embrace the challenges and opportunities that arrive in your life and become the best version of yourself. The principle aim of a Mum's List Legacy workshop is to inspire you to live with greater love, purpose, gratitude, and joy.


In honour of Kate and Singe Greene’s family, a portion of all proceeds go to support her two children, and charities around the world.


All Mum’s List Legacy teachers have been trained by Derek O’Neill, who is an internationally acclaimed author, motivational speaker and psychotherapist, and executive producer of the Mum’s List movie.

As the only MLL teacher living in Scotland, I am delighted to be able to offer these workshops locally. In addition to pre-planned events, I am also open to arranging workshops on request - please get in touch if you have a group that is interested. 

The Inner Compass
How to change direction with guidance from your innate wisdom

Is this for you?

  • Are you constantly busy yet feeling little sense of fulfilment?

  • Do you feel that you are changing, but your day-to-day life is not changing with you?

  • Would you like to explore the possibility of changing direction, knowing that it’s the right thing for you? 


If you’re at a stage in your life when you’d like to make a

sustainable change, The Inner Compass helps you to tap into your own wisdom, answer your most pressing questions and find a way forward that’s right for you.

You will explore what it takes to make the shift you’re looking for and reassure yourself that you already have all the resources you need. You will be part of a small community (maximum 8 people)  so will gain value from learning together and supporting each other’s journeys.

The programme includes 6 sessions*:

  • 2 face-to-face weekends (Friday evening to Sunday mid-afternoon) held in Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire

  • 3 personal coaching sessions (via video conferencing)

  • 1 group conference call 

The pilot price for this course is £500 per person. *If preferred, you could do the first weekend only for £150 before deciding if you'd like to continue with the rest of the programme. The cost does not include accommodation during the weekend programmes but does include lunch and snacks. 

Dates of face to face sessions:

Fri 6th July (7.30pm start) - Sun 8th July 2018 (3.00pm finish)

Fri 12th Oct (7.30pm start) - Sun 14th Oct 2018 (3.00pm finish)


See full details below. For questions or to book please  contact me. To pay a deposit please visit the online store.

Programme Details

Session 1

Session 1: Face to Face

Friday evening (7.30-9pm)

  • Connecting 

  • Introducing the programme

  • Outlining the 4 steps for
    change and the 4 intelligences

  • Establishing your starting point – a 4Q exploration of what’s showing up for you right now

  • Assessing how effectively you are tapping into your 4Qs 

Saturday (9.30-5pm)

  • Defining the what and the how of your chosen direction

  • Identifying your personal criteria for ‘success’

  • Acknowledging the influence of your personal history

  • Exploring your passions, talents and purpose

Sunday (9.30-3pm)

  • Identifying what gets in the way / what drains your resources

  • Dealing with distractions

  • Letting go

  • Identifying what you most need to let go of

  • Getting to grips with attachments

  • The role of the 4Qs in letting go 

Session 2: Personal Coaching

  • Reflections on the opening weekend

  • Bringing greater clarity to your chosen direction

  • A deeper exploration of what’s getting in your way

  • Support in letting go 

Session 3: Conference Call

  • Navigating through key relationships

  • Assessing other people's involvement

  • Getting to grips with 'The Spectrum of Interference'

  • Moving from conflict to compassion

Session 4: Personal Coaching

  • One to one focus on key relationship challenges

  • Identifying underlying conflicts

  • Finding a mutually supportive solution

Session 5: Face to Face

Friday (7.30-9pm)

  • Connecting

  • Sharing progress

  • Understanding the inherent conflict in making change (Fear of the unknown vs Desire to grow) 

Saturday (9.30-5pm)

  • Understanding the Ego’s drivers

  • Identifying underlying fears and conflicts

  • Getting to know your Higher Self

  • Hearing and trusting your Higher Self

  • Putting your Higher Self into the driving seat 

Sunday (9.30-3pm)

  • Developing strategies for the tough times

  • 4Q Decision-making

  • Maintaining clarity and focus

  • Building resilience 

Session 6: Personal Coaching

  •  Recognising Ego-based behaviours

  • Increasing engagement with your Higher Self 

  • Assessing your ongoing resources (inner and outer) 

  • Clarifying the way forward