Enabling you and your business to maximise  engagement with change

Getting ready for change


Are you going through a tough time at home or at work and wondering how much longer it's going to go on? Do you sense it's time to change but can't quite see the way forward?

The core purpose of Rethinking is to support you through a period of change by getting clarity on what you really want and addressing any issues that are blocking progress.

"He who is swimming against the stream comes to the source."

Gottfried Mueller

The Change Equation

Rethinking has created a profound personal change programme - The Change Equation - which combines some of the most up to date thinking in human performance with the reliability of ancient wisdom. The programme will take you, step by step, through an intensive period of exploration and growth using a unique blend of online learning, reflection, personal application and (if you need it) professional consultation. The ensuing change that happens on the inside is essential to ensure success on the outside.

The Change Equation is designed for anyone going through a period of transition, at any stage of that transition e.g. new career, redundancy, retirement, bereavement, illness.

You can go through the programme on your own or it can be used in a group, team or business setting.



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